My heart in a video or whatever.

One of my favoritest pictures in the history of the universe, from when I gave this little one her first driving lesson. 💛

Missing swimming at the true blue Enchanted River 🌊😔 #thewaterisreallythatcolor #therearefishatthebottom

My #ocs and I are very happy to be Ate to these beautiful faces. Missing @geoocahoy2 who was lame and ko’ed in the next room. I’ll miss you all and whatever, hehe. 💖🌴 #cahoyclan

The last supper 🍨🍮🍰😛 (at Midas Cafe - Midas Hotel)

Fiending for free WiFi all around the globe. (at Midas Hotel and Casino)

Selfie with baby Kim, hehe. 😛

Cos @luckyycharms_ asked hehe 🎸🎶

On an island in the sun ☀

To Paris Baguette dates, you telling me about your fast-paced life, and me telling you about my boring one. Thank you for being my friend for just about my entire lifetime. Happy birthday, Tita Fob. 😊❤ #happybirthdayiloveyouappreciate

Cahoy cousins killin’ it like~ 🌴✨ #alliteration

Awkward waterfall dancing……… Come out to UFP auditions this July 12 to do some dancing of your own and join one big happy dancing family! 💃💃💃 #er #wat

Jellyfish fields 🐙 #whynojellyfishemoji

Hiking to a hidden lagoon 🌱✨✔